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    Unmounted Outriders

    My local GW is starting an awesome campaign this weekend, and to take part I'll need an army! Well, almost an army - it's 500pts, but you buy, say, a Human at xpts, and give him whatever equipment from a long list at varying points costs, and certain skills again with points costs - instead of using an army book.

    So I've gone for 5 Skirmishing Full-Plate armoured Repeater Handgun wielding humans, amongst other similarly themed things. I've started converting these out of a Pistolier/Outrider box, but I need some feedback on the poses:

    The left one was the first attempt and I think the other looks a lot better. I cut the legs below the knees and pinned them in a new pose, but they need a bit of greenstuff to smooth it out. They're meant to be running/leaping through terrain, like a Fantasy version of assault marines.

    As said, any C+C more than welcome!

    EDIT: Also, any ideas of a colourscheme would be brilliant. They're supposed to be something to do with the engineer's college but I can't find much fluff on that whatsoever.

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    CnC: I would model the bases first, to have them jumping over boulders, logs, branches, etc. I think they'd just look a little cooler like that. As long as you smooth over the legs with greenstuff, they'll be fine. The cloaks look great, as if they're actually running.

    Outriders aren't skirmishing, so sadly your men will have to line up like cavalry. But I'm assuming you just said to explain their role in the battle. Wait, are they actually playing as outriders in the GW thing? My bad.

    Engineer's College... I would think it similar to Nuln, Black to hide all the soot stains from failed experiments and the constant exposure to coal/gunpowder. I mean, NOT the same as Nuln, but maybe black for the leggings/sleeves...

    Loving the maths btw
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