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    Bretonnian green knight

    Greetings fellow modellers! Well, I'm giving my severites a rest and focusing on my fantasy army, Bretonnians! The concept being that my force is a cult dedicated to the ideal of the green knight, primary colors being white and green. I ran into a disparaging idea when I looked at the model that represents the focus of this army: The Green Knight.

    Personally, I love the sculpt. It's intricate, fun, and imaginative. But it doesn't say "Wrath of Nature". I want a model that is rage and uncontrollable berserk fury, the kind of model that makes Beastmen shit their pants and run back to their mammies. Pants soiling caliber, the current sculpt, is not. Also, the Green Knight of Arthurian legend didn't have a sword. He had an axe. Nothing says "murder-face" quite like an axe murderer, right? And if the Green Knight isn't the perfect example of an axe murderer(sticks to the wilderness, he can disappear at will, and he just keeps on coming back!!) then I don't know what is.

    For his general look I wanted to bring it back to the earlier days of Bretonnia. I wanted to replace his plate armor with chain mail, going more Norman Knight than Teutonic.

    See the hauberk and the cloth skirt? That is pretty much the effect I want to achieve.

    "But sealancer," you say, "what about his faithful steed?" Ah my fair readers, that is where you need not fear! Why would a champion of the forest and the lady ride a horse, when he could ride something so much more friggin' metal? Like a stag? Like the wood elf great stag? Let's do this.

    Scrag that fruity elf climbing onto his back, slap a GS saddle on that naughty tom, and this mother is ready to help the new and improved Green Knight harvest some skulls! See this thread for periodic progress reports!

    "Courage without the presence of fear is like a pistol without bullets. Meaningless." Colonel Igor Massif, 6777th Severite Rifles M40

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    We just finished the dark ages in history at school and the green knight supposibly wore a helmet with stahgorns so using the wood elf stag would be Very appropriate. I always hought that the green knight looked a bit, pansyE (if that's a word). He's had his head chopped off and picked it right back up, so he's gotta be tank.

    rep and good luck!
    <----- Dead Dude's WIP Thread, in all it's pant wetting glory! :D

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