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    Summer Project: An Army of One (and his many minions)

    'Unnamed' is a frog. He hasn't got a name yet, but he's definitely a frog. He's a filthy xenos scumbag, and a pretty.. wide one, at that. So he bought himself a chair - a floating one - from a Rogue Trader, and over time he learnt to maintain it and upgrade it. It ended up pretty lethal, with the addition of powerful cannons and protective energy shielding, as well as an integrated control console for his personal army - oh, right. Forgot to mention that!

    Unnamed attracted the attention of the Tau, who had been watching him for some time, analysing whether he would be a suitable addition to the forces fighting for the Greater Good. They hadn't met with any other members of his race, sparse and far travelling as they were - hitching rides as hatchlings and separating from their own race very early on in life. They tracked him down and a deal was struck. They valued his logic, cunning and ingenuity, and he valued their technology. He agreed to fight alongside the Tau, with the condition that they did not restrict his movements. A mercenary, of sorts.

    Being a pretty damn awesome frog, Mr. 'Unnamed as of yet' had amassed himself a fair bit of resources through blackmail, scams and a fair few dabbles into piracy. It's a big universe, full of fools with money, why not take advantage of this? Landing his small craft on an obscure Imperial fringe world, he set about convincing the locals he was a God. He supplied them with resources to build a Factory of the Frog-God, and set them to work building him a small personal army - consisting of bipedal combat drones with combat attachments in place of hands - drills, mostly. To reley his orders, a number of relay drones were also created - armoured and defended from attack, able to get around the battle quickly and provide fire support. A handful of larger experimental drones were also built.

    Unnamed now mounts personal raids on small fleets and planets, warp-capable due to stolen technology and a small amount of captured Navigators."

    Now this will be my Summer Project, commencing next week as my exams finish. I'll be basing the army on Codex: Tyranids, Unnamed being a Hive Tyrant and the drones being most probably Genestealers (drillhands!), backed by flying 'Warriors' and Zoanthropes.

    Now why have I placed this in the Modelling forum? I need advice! I want to make Mr. Unnamed As Of Yet out of a Slann, mounted on Aun'va's chair - but I'm unsure whether this would fit. Also, the Drones will most likely be necrons, with the chest and face filled in with GS to make a smoother feel, and the shoulder pads cut off - what do you think? Or would a Space Marine back fit on a necron front?

    I also need ideas for the larger drones. I'd like them to be circular, probably - either horizontally or vertically - but I'm open to suggestions (fluffwise as well if you have any suggestions, but be aware that above is only a rough outline.)

    Pictures as soon as I start the project (I finish exams next thursday, party until saturday and commence work after that!)

    EDIT: Upon stumbling across a mention of "Pisceans" - a race of fishlike beings apparently mentioned in Rogue Trader (, I might switch this project to be a piscean army instead. The frog stays, though - going to have a look through my copy of rogue trader

    Also found this: 'Galg: Green, scaled, frog-like creatures rumoured to be Tau-allies.' Wahey!

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