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    Calling all Terminators

    Whilst constructing my Grey Knights I got a little carried away with making some conversions for my Grandmaster. With 3 now built I was wondering if I might as well go the whole hog and make an entire retinue of non-GKT models. Here's the plan but I'm running out of ideas on the conversion front, you'll see what I mean as you read. Here goes:

    Grandmaster - New terminator libby - Psycannon arm, eldar bits such as wings and blades.
    GKT 1 - New terminator chappy - Storm shield made from citys of death and thunder hammer from WHF Empire standard bearer.
    GKT 2 - Lysander - A GKT arms added, old terminator sergents power sword added to strom bolter hand, banner added to back.

    They are built, heres the proposal, need ideas.

    GKT 3 - Calger - already has the storm bolter but how to nemisis force weapon up his power fists?
    GKT 4 - Logan - Leave his bad ass ax but give him a psy cannon arm, how to alter that wolf pelt??
    GKT 5 - Typus - add a stormbolter to his sythe and neaten up his armour, add =][= symbols but needs that somthing special... hmm.
    GKT 6 - CSM Lord - Huzzar! Plastic!
    GKT7 - Abbadon - Mostly for the laughs of having him shout 'For The Emperor!' again. What to do with him though?

    Well, thats an 8 man squad, big enough for foot slogging or a LRC and if done right hopefully looking stunning! Only pre request is a storm bolter and a big sharp thing to be a NFW. Thanks in advance all.


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