Death Korps of Krieg - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Death Korps of Krieg

    Im not really sure if this is the right place to put this or not, but i think it is! There are afew things that i want to see about, and what peoples opinions are. When it comes to a force like the death korps, who's colors are supposed to be dark and somber, how important do you see it to stay true to fluff? I ask this becouse i've got two (well, its more like three, but one bleeds into the other) My first idea, sticks to the darker somber colors, A dark grey for the great coats, lighter grey trousers, black boots, and trim, calling back to WW2 SS-Uniforms. (Does anyone really find such a thing offensive?) And the seccond idea i got after seeing them painted on Cool Mini or Not, Doing the greatcoats and trousers in white.

    Then, another question that i have, What would look better, Dirty or clean uniforms? My first idea, i say dirty uniforms would be a much better choice (i've allready got one mini painted up, and the uniform does look like its been though the trenchs.) But then white the white uniforms, im not sure if those should look clean or dirty, some how im not sure that a layer of dirt as i paint it (useing a waterd down wash of devlin mud) would look all that great over the white.) Any thoughts or comments?

    Oh.. but i dont look so good with all those.. tentaclly things..

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    I think you should go with what you want. If you want the black because it's all sombre then you should do it. However white often absorbs the colours around it so it can look sombre too. White masked soldiers will also look like they are wearing biohazard suits, very apporpriate if you fight Tyranids. Dirty can work but a wash of devlan mud will just make the white look odd but not really dirty. An ink wash is going to be uniform, dirt is not uniform. Apply your dirt devlan mud or whatever in dabs here and there. Then apply a little more to certain areas you think should be dirty.

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