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    Planned Space Wolf Conversions

    I'm planning a Space Wolf army and they're rich for conversion. I've also tried to be WYSIWYG but there are some snags.

    I'm running 2 Wolf Guard Battle Leaders w/ Frost Weapons and Storm Shields. I plan to use Assault Terminators with some SW bits on them for these. Now, the Terminator appearance does show something they don't have, but there aren't a lot of options. The other models with shields do not like SW at all, or also have Termie armor on.

    I was going to use a Space Marine Commander to represent a Powerfisted Grey Hunter, with the skull part filed down.

    Basically looking for any ideas to make the HQ look better while still having a shield.

    I also had a few questions, if anyone knows what comes in certain space wolf boxes.
    How many Powerfists do you get per box of Blood Claws?
    How many/what SW bits do Bloodclaws come with?

    Thanks for any help/suggestions.

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    Prince, I'd seriously wait till the new codex is out (plannd Oct) before starting a Puppies army. From all that I've heard they're gonna be very non-codex and very different to the last rules. Before you go and make all these cool models atleast atke a look at the rumours thread (obviously in the rumors section of LO) otherwise you'll end up with a bunch of stuff you can't use anymore.

    The CURRENT upgrade frame for SW have about 5 torsos, 5 heads, melta, powerfist, power axe, power sword, banner pole, a bunch of wolf tails, daggers, and an icon for tanks/dreads.

    The NEW one thats being made now is rumoured to have a hell of a lot more, the most persistant of these rumors being up to 30 heads on the sprue!!!

    So yeah, hold off if you can and wait for the new wave of uber-goddies
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