IRON CHEF VI - Tyranid reclaimation pool - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    IRON CHEF VI - Tyranid reclaimation pool

    Yes, this is the eleventh hour.

    I decided to make a Tyranid reclaimation pool with a growing capillary tower, so i got togther the following collection:

    After some newspaper and glue, i build them up into hills:

    Then a spray of white paint:

    Next I painted it bronzed flesh (something like that) all over, and drybrush snakebite leather. The tower gets bleached bone and some kind of highlights. Next, i put sand all over the outside of the basin (inside, it would have been dissolved) Finally, i put a tiny (really, really tiny) amount of green paint into some pva glue, and pour it into the basin. I do this several times, because it insists on nearly all evaporating. Finally, i have:

    A note on the ground: While it looks odd, that's the color of the board i play on.

    I would have liked more time to finish this peice off, and put some tyranid bits on it, but the glue drying took weeks. As you can probably see, it's still not quite dry. Aside from drying, this whole thing was done in around two hours.

    Sorry about those last two pictures, i'll redo them tomorrow.

    I'm hopiong this'll qualify for being an outpost, since the tube is supposed to growing. If not, no sweat. It's probably not as good as the other entries, but it was easy to make, i enjoyed it, and the goop turned out well (though i couldn't get a really good picture of it.)

    Ideas for improving this, especially the higlighting on the tower, are appreciated.

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    More like 11th hour 59 minutes and 59 seconds!

    I have tried using PVA to make deep water and it didnt work good for me, and then I tried polyurethane varnish, that looked bad as well, I found that many thin layers is better than one thick one, still takes ages and it doesnt go all wrinkly.
    Next time I try deepish water I will probaly use a clear CD case as the water with some coloured PVA over the top, I saw an example on a warmachine terrain post once.

    I thick a darkish wash over the tower might help and maybe a light colour dry brush over that to pick out the high bits to help give it depth.

    Maybe a dark brown wash over the sand would make it stand out, easy to do as well.

    Bugbait out

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