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    World Eaters Lord, Vindicator and Stormlord

    I am no master at modeling, but I think I do alright, especualy for not using card or GS (ok, sometimes a LITTLE GS, but only for some seems and such). So my models are not rediculously extensive, but I like them and I am quite proud of how some of them come out.

    Here is the Lord. I will be painting the studded shoulder pad with P.H. World Eaters colors, its all to go with my fluff really. The fluff is to semi-explain my usage of heavier tanks with the World Eaters. In short, he is semi-coherent with "modern" tactics, and although he doesn't particularly like using firearms and such a whole lot himself, he has managed to force other W.E. marines to use them for the tactic advantage he could potentially gain. But thats for a different section to go into depth a little more.

    He is "counts as" being in Terminator Armour and has the Bloodfeeder. The left arm is from the actual terminator lord model box. The head is from the Chaos Spawn set and the shoulder was a buddies extra shoulder he didnt have plans for ^_^

    Next is my Vindicator, like I have said, nothing to special. But I do enjoy the 'zerker uptop with his axe in the air. He just seems to make the model look like it is itching for some combat at closer quarters than a Vindicator may normaly like to find itself in. (Which is kinda frightening in a way).

    Then last for now is my Appocolipse centerpeice "Khorne's Messanger". The Stormlord!

    Most of the bitz I used are found on reqular Chaos sprews, so again nothing to fancy. But I still enjoy how it came out, and am pleased.

    I have some skulls and chains placed around, and basicaly used the bits I already had. With the only exception being the lines of spikes, which I had to buy for the model since I only had 2 or 3 of the smaller ones, which isn't nearly enough for me.

    A fairly broad view.

    Custom Targeters to replace the standard Lascannons for the extra BS. (Apponant approved)

    The "Mutant Pit" with some skulls and helmets and such. Called the Mutant Pit because when I use this is use some Lost and the Damned mutants who "used" to be IG, mainly for fluff reasons, also justifies the Heavy Stubbers. The two Heavy Stubbers on the sides have barels from a Reaper Autocannon from the defiler kit.

    Some hanging corpses.

    Gunner, it is a combi-bolter in game terms just so smooth out the edges that this WASN'T just taken randomly within the month of battle. Tacticaly it may not be the BEST decision depenting on range, but it made me happier.

    The front of the beast, the track guards are made from an old dozer blade from a run down chimara or leman russ, I cannot remember which. But they did what I wanted them to, so thats all the matters.

    Of corse, the business end.

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