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    new board questions :)

    hey gang, quick question!

    in the next month or two I was planing on building a 4 x 8 game table for my friends and I for when we dont feel like dragin' our butts down to the comic shop. the Idea I had was 2 4 x 4 peices of composit board or ply wood or whatever that stuff is you buy at lowes for stability, and on each some polystyrine (probobly 2 inches thick or less) as the actual surface to be mounted on top. this way if were doing small games we have a 4x4 board, and large games we put them together for 8 x4. these would sit on top of a dinning room table/card table.

    however, I have a few questions:

    1. is this even a good idea, or should I try just striaght up polystyrine?

    2. will the wood warp? because I imagine if it did, it'd snap the foam.

    3. how would I go about glueing/attaching the foam to the board in the first place?

    4. how would gluing sand and painting it on polystyrine work? as far as my experince goes, it just LOVES to melt. you get glue on it, it melts. you get paint on it, it melts. you look at it funny, it melts.

    please help this total newb out it would be much apreciated.

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    Hot glue gun could be your answer. As to the wood warping, it depends how thick it is. Anything more than 1/2" thick you should be fine with a Pva/water mix. If you're really worried then just use PVA. As for texture, get some coarse-ish sand, mix it into some PVA along with a load of the paint of your choice and slap it on liberally.

    If you're really worried about the polystyrene the you could use plaster of paris or papier mache to provide a protective layer, but what I described there should hold Ok. Check out my ToP WIP in the projects section!

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