I blame Badab Black. It made shading things so easy that, yeah, I found myself going over all my stuff, and the painting bug got me.

So I went over my Cryx stuff, and started adding... what? 4th?? 6th overcoat of a paintjob?

So here are my Biles ver 4.1 or so... I used Badab Black wash all over, and it really brought out the muscle lines, and other skin 'blemishes'- especially evident in the Biles about to "purge"- the way the black shadowed in the splitting bellys gaps and cracks, without taking away the color of the "piping".

And now for the unflattering super closeup of one. I really like what Badab Black does to the brass gun- thats just brass, badab, brass. The puke hoses are looking a little overcoated by this point, and is starting to lose its sausage segment definition. The next step is to try to Badab wask the green hoses to pick out the segment dimples.

And the Mechanithralls, with the soon to be usefull again Necrosurgeon. There is a Brute to go with this group shot, but his right arm fell off (a common problem with zombie ogrun, I hear), and hes sitting the photo op out while the glue dries.

A better eye level view. I'm not certain if photobucket nerfed the level of detail [they resize all photos, darnit], but the original pix were 10 megapixel, and you could zoom WAAY in without losing detail.

I experimented with Warlock Purple, Badab Black, and Black Ink to make Dennys' cloak more... interesting.

Another view... if you compare the two images, you can probably see how the highlights "shift" around a bit as the angle changes.. and the eye sees a bit more or less of the purple under the somewhat transparent and very dark ink. I like the effect, even if it WAS accidental.

And finally, the Pistol wraith cloak. Before, it was faded and dusty cygnar blue.. but it looked a bit too powdery/grey, so I tried again, and this is it halfway done, with just straigt cygnar blue base, and Badab shading in all the folds. I really do like the stuff.

Well, there ya go!