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    Orkish Imperial Guard (Reposted and redone)

    I had posted earlier for ideas on my Orkish Guard army. I got some very very helpful feedback, and am looking largely for critiques and maybe some ideas that slipped by me.

    If you didn't see the other post, I intend to field converted Orks as an IG army. I want things to be as close to WYSIWYG while still being cool and Orkish. I feel I have struck that balance. Here's my ideas in order.

    My first HQ is a Company Command Platoon. I plan to use Kaptain Badrukk's model as my Commander. He has a good looking model not overly into CC and has some good fluff as a tactician. The squads Heavy Weapon (and all Heavy Weapons) are modified Lootas. Some have Lascannons already but some need to be changed to Autocannons or Mortars. A Nob or Fantasy range Warboss will be my standard bearer and I'll have a Black Reach Boy with an elongated Lasgun as a Sniper. The remaining model is a Black Reach Boy with a Lasgun.

    The second HQ is an Inquisitor Lord with retinue. A Fantasy Ork Warboss with the impressive helmet will by my Inquisitor. He's well armored to show the 3+ save and I can mystically paint the helmet for a Psychic Hood. Fantasy Goblin Shamans are my 2 Mystics and BLack Reach Big Shoota Boyz are the 3 HB Servitors.

    I'm using one Ork Kommando (the masked one with a blade and bladed pistol) as Guardsmen Marbo. He'll prolly have an impressive base with some foliage on it for cover.

    I have 30 Veterans with Melta Guns. I'm just using Black Reach Boyz (I have cheap access to loads) with Lasguns or Meltagun loose botz as my Veterans. They'll either be based differently or painted differently to show their Veteran status.

    They also ride in 3 Chimeras made from Rhinos. Both vehicles have similar chassis but I'll elongate the Rhino as needed with a cardstock deff rolla or ram or something. The turrets will be made from left over Boyz out of hatches holding guns (ML and HF for all) or be attached to turrets Storm Bolter style.

    Two Infantry Platoons of 3 squads and an PCS make up the rest of the Troops. Both the PCS have a Mortar (modified Loota) and 2 Sniper Rifles, (modified Lasgun). Nobz will be the Junior Officers and Black Reach Boyz the rest.

    One Platoon has all Autocannons and Grenade Launchers. I'll make the Autocannons with Lootas, but may not have to since some of their guns have two barrels. The Grenade Launchers are Big Shootas with the tips filed down and some loose mortars stuck on the end.

    The other Platoon has all Plasma Guns and Lascannons. Lootas have a modified Lascannon in the kit so that seems good enough. The Plasma guns will be again, Big Shoots VERY filed down with a Plasmagun welded to the end. Looks pretty Orkish and crude I feel.

    Heavy Support
    Last thing I have is my Leman Russ Demolisher. I have a basic Leman Russ laying around, and wanted a cool way to show the barrel. I decided I'd either file the barrel off or change it somehow, but the true shot would come from the Mek with a Shokk Attack gun coming out the tank commander hole! I'm pretty sure it'll fit with the legs cut off and maybe pinned in place.

    I've tried to keep the balance or Orkish yet accurately showing what the models have. I'm going to paint it yellow and checkered as the dominating scheme with basic rust metallic for guns. I'd love to someday use Nobz as Sarges for my Infantry, but I'm on a very low budget at the moment and will be building slowly. If you see anything that may look to Orkish, or be unconvincing as a conversion to what I run it as, please say so.

    Also if you have any cool conversions I can look into, let me know. I don't have a ton of money but not every conversion is expensive. :]

    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
    Like to talk Warhammer or want some advice on Armies or Tactics? Drop me a PM!

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    cool, now hurry up and finish it so we can all ogle it

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