I've recently come across some old plastic models that I'd like to repaint. Taking the advice of the great interwebs I went out and purchased myself some Simple Green and have been testing it on two lucky volunteers. I filled a small cup with the cleaner and submerged completely both models (Chaos Marines), and retrieved them 12 hours later to check on the progress. I was able to brush off nearly all of the surface paint job, leaving only the black base coat (and some splotches of grey where ALL paint had been removed). I placed them back in, and retrieved them after a further 12 hours, only to discover that even though the Simple Green has full access to the undercoat now, the black refuses to strip away. There has literally been almost no change in 12 hours of being submerged in cleaner.

Is this simply a matter of leaving the models in to soak longer? Or is it possible that I managed to find a paint that is impervious to Simple Green? Unfortunately, I cannot remember what type of paint it was, only that it was cheap, black and came in a spray can from Walmart.

Has anybody else run into a similar problem? I'd really like to have a do-over on these models, and would appreciate any help!