I am new to the Bretonnian army and mostly am building an army because I have 25 1st Ed plastic knights a hand full of grail knights and 50 1st ed plastic bowmen. This army is going to be more of a modeling project. I have a few other random models that I had brought for other reasons but they will be asimilated.

The first thing on my plate is converting a 1st ed knight and a hand full of parts into a Lord to lead the 2000 point

I grabed some left over empire knight arms and a catachan guards man head I started pinning it together. Once i had the pose fixed I went looking for inspiration and noticed a striking resemblance to the Lord picture in the army book.

I dont have a griffon so instead he will join the grail Knights on his mighty steed

Aside from building up the chest and his horse I have also laid down most of the tabbard on his legs, bare in mind he will sit a lot further forward when he is finish