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    tau conversions?

    anyone got any good idea's on how to convert firewarriors?

    i did a search but i think Tau is too short to come up with any results.

    are there any pics of converted firewarriors/tau infantry here?

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    Question number one is what do you want to convert them into?

    Are you looking at just spicing up the look of regular firewarriors? Or are you looking at using them as "counts as" something else...?

    I've done some firewarrior based "counts as" kroot, using a mix of FW and Kroot sprues, and fire warriors with mini jump-packs and custom guns are next on my list to "count as" Vespids. I know that a bit of search-fu will find a couple of similar projects where pictures have been posted on here (it's where I gpt the inspiration for my conversions).

    If you're just looking to spice them up, you can go a long way with some minor cosmetic alterations and hand swaps to mix up the basic postures, and two sets of the kneeling legs can be combined with a bit of green-stffing to produce a fire warrior kneeling "seiza" style (think the way a japanese martial artist would tend to kneel/sit). This pose is how I based my scratch built Aun'va who was made mostly from fire warrior parts.

    Give us a bit more of an idea of what you want to achieve, and we'll chip in with some more advice
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