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    Newbie needing some paint help for 'nids

    Hi all -

    So I decided to start playing again after about 10 years and decided to go Tyranids since they weren't really a choice when I started. I like the way they play a lot, but I'm having a bit of trouble with painting them. *grr*

    I want to make an army that I'm proud of on the table. I've gotten a few tips from some people, but I need to work on things. I attached a picture of my first gaunt with a general idea of the scheme I want to use.

    First off, I know I need to use thinner paint. I neeeed to water down the Vallejo paints a bit when applying them. The gun will probably end up staying the same color as the skin because I don't like the odd contrast. So I'm going to go black to pink on the shell/armor/carapace/whatever you call it. For the skin, I wanted to do a green of some sorts, but I'm not sure if I like a darker green, lighter green, blue green, or olive green best. Any input here would be welcome and appreciated!

    Also, the process I want to use is to base coat the skin, ink, reapply base, highlight highlight highlight until the model looks better. My issue is that I can't, a) find a good base coat without knowing exactly what color I want to use for the skin and b) find a good, dark ink to apply. Citadel green doesn't do it justice.

    Can anyone give some general tips? I'm also going to be whitening the teeth a bit to bring them out, this was just me getting lazy and wanting to finish and get some pics for criticism.

    Ugh, and I also need brush recomendations. The one's I'm using are not too great. It sucks because one is a $12 P3 brush that pretty much sucks and spreads when I'm painting. The brush I bought from Michael's for like $3 works better. I'd like to get some nice detail brushes. I already have brush cleaner and restorer (which doesn't seem to help my P3 brush at all).

    *phew* Sorry for the long and wordy post. I really look forward to everyone's help! Hopefully I'll have something worth showing in a few days after getting some feedback. Thanks again!

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    Something that I noticed was that the skin lookeed almost iridescent in the small thumbnail picture. It looked as if it had been highlighted in a similar fashoin as the carapace. A rather neat effect. If you want to replicate that on the real model, I'd start with a dark green, dark angels say, and highlight it to skull white or bleached bone. (don't know vallejo equivalents, sorry) Would look good on the tabletop at least, I think.

    For a darker wash, just mix in some black or dark brown.

    For the brushes, GW's brushes are quite good and (strangely!) not very overpriced.

    Hope I helped a little bit.

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