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    Ideal Thickness for Vehicle Wings?

    What's a good plasticard thickness to use for vehicle wings? I have no experience using the stuff so I don't know what would look about right.

    I'm trying to make replacement Valkyrie wings so about that thickness would be nice.

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    I'd say the Valk wings are about 2-3mm thick. You're gonna have a hard time finding plasticard that thick and even if you do its gonna be impossible to cut neatly and easily without a band-saw.

    Even 1mm thick plasticard is an effort to cut. Would suggest doing it in layers. Make a template out of paper of the shape/s you want then place them over the sheets of plasticard (get ones at most .5mm thick). You can use sticky tape or even pins to hold the shapes in place. Here you can either trace around the shape with a pencil/pen the cut out or just cut off the shape. Either way you'll need a steel ruler to keep the lines straight.

    I tend to use the scroing technique which means I don't try to cut through the whole sheet but rather just score the surface where I would like it to be cut. I can then fold a long the line and the plasticard will snap along the scored line. So taking your steel ruller and a hobby knife, score around the shape you want (it may take 2 or 3 passes) then you can snap the shape out. To get the desired thickness of the finished wings you'll have to make atleast 4 layers for each wing. If you want, try it with 1mm platicard but its gonna mean deeper scoring and it'll be harder to snap out.

    To add detail you may want to get some really thin plasticard after that (around .2mm) and cut out shapes for armour segments. This will brake up the shape of the wing and make it look more liek the rest of the model.

    Good luck
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