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    How to do my orkses

    Just wondering if people could post how to paint various clans boys, warbosses, nobs and deffkoptas

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    With my Snakebites, I have a few different colors for their clothes. Since no Ork should be wearing the same thing.

    So here is how I do it (At least for Snakebites)

    Prime Black

    Slap your 'fleshy/leather/brown' color onto anywhere there is fabric. Doesnt matter if you're neat really. So far I have used Snakebite leather, Bleached Bone, Fortress grey, Scorched brown, Bronzed Flesh, Elf Flesh, etc etc.

    Next, Paint the skin. I personally do Goblin Green to start but now I wish I didn't, and went with a Catachan Green with 1:1 rotting flesh/Catachan green highlights. Oh well.

    Next, paint your Straps and your Boots a darker or lighter brown color. Make it really contrasting. For Example: Elf flesh cloth - Scorched Brown Straps. Scorched Brown Cloth - Bronzed Flesh Straps. Etc.

    Next, do the metal. Buckles, Straps, Armor bitz and gobz in Boltgun metal.

    After this I do any little special things with the model. Paint bullets bronze, Teef bleached bone, paint the inside of the mouth, just make everything look good and propa'.

    Finally, I wash the hell out of it. Starting with a strong coat of badab black all over it. Once that has dried, I do Thraka Green on the Arms, and Devlan mud on the rest of them.

    I do my boys Seven at a time with this, takes about an hour and a half for me.

    For speshul gitz I do them individually, so I can get them looking just right.

    These guys I did incredibly quick to meet a deadline for a tournament..But the above is exactly how I did it.

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    This has a near-zero effort level. Great for a horde army.
    No more NG spearmen, thanks! Now I need some pump-wagons!

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