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Thread: Advice on Giant

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    Advice on Giant

    Hi Guys, my missus has recently purchased a Giant to add to her Ork and Goblin army and we've hit upon a bit of a problem.

    I've been painting for years (probably way too long!) and she's a dab hand at it, but neither of us has tackled something with so much 'flat,' open skin area. The rest of her army is very well painted and neither of us want her centerpiece model to be a bit rubbish in comparison.

    She's wanting a 'natural' tone on the skin over which she'll be doing freehand tatoos.

    So, my question to you lot is - what's the best way of going about getting the skin tone to look good on such a large model?

    Or are there any linkys to decent guides in the old interweb?

    We'll be using GW paints/washes/inks etc

    Thanks in advance.

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    I know your pain, this model took me an absolute age to paint the skin of (and I still haven't got round to finishing the rest of it). I was quite experimental with it as at the tyime I had a very limited pallatte but found that I could use a lot of blending, particularly wet blending, to get a smooth finish on him. It is pretty much all about using the same old cliché of lots of watered down layers going on smoothly. One thing I did find helpful with this though was to use a lot of Tallarn Flesh in my mixes so despite the thin-ness of the layers going on there was still a good opacity to them which help prevent pooling effects. Washes won't really work properly on him as the skin is too flat and featureless.
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