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    space marine conversion help

    i am buying my army right now and was wondering if anyone had a good idea for converting a captain to a librarian.

    anything will be appreciated.

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    That could be difficult, depending on how accurate you want your conversion to be. Especially if you're limiting yourself to GW purchases only. There are a lot of nice Librarian models out there.

    I suppose the best thing to keep in mind is that a force-weapon is a force-weapon no matter what its appearance may be.

    Then you need to decide how you want to model a psychic hood. I have 2 models in my force which I use as Librarians. The first has no hood, and the second has a stand-in type of hood. The hood is the most prominent part of any librarian, so it should be there if possible. I'm proficient with GS, but at the time that these models were made, I didn't want to attempt sculpting a hood. There aren't many bits that can stand in as a hood though.

    Other stuff to consider would be adding books, scrolls, and other 'informative' bits to the model. I like to think of my librarians as sorcerer-type characters, and most Librarian models do carry books already.

    Here are the two models which I converted to be librarians (I have since purchased a nice one of my own)

    1) This model started life as a 'Beastmaster' for some Chapter-Approved stuff. Since then, he's served as a Librarian.

    - his staff is made from the plastic Command Squad banner-carrier's arm (priceless for converting Librarians) and topped with a beast-skull from the WHFB Skeleton sprue.

    - his shoulders, and helmet are from the Command sprue, or plastic veteran sprue (I forget which) and his sword is from the actual Commander in question. The torso is from a Space Wolf sprue, since my chapter is rather feral (this could be substituted for any torso of course)

    - the spikes all over his arms and head are from the Dark Eldar Warrior kits, and the cape/pelt on his back is a trimmed down bit from the WHFB Empire Knights box.

    - he is based on a pile of rocks from my garden.

    2) This model was meant to be a Commander, and turned out making a far better Librarian. My camera sadly can't show the extent of the fade work on this model, as everything goes from red to white, like a flame.

    - his entire body comes from the Black Templar sprue, including the sword-arm, many of the scrolls/parchments, and the censor hanging from his left leg.

    - The lightning-claw is made from the pointing Powerfist off the command/veteran sprue, and two bayonettes off the Dark Eldar Warriors sprue. The shoulder pads both come from the command-squad sprue.

    - the curving dragon 'psychic hood' is the banner-top from the WHFB High-Elf Spearmen sprue. The semi-circular plates of scales on his back are shields from the WHFB Lizardman Skink sprue. The head is from a WHFB Bretonian Knight box (WHFB heads are great on Space Marines- it makes their bodies look far larger)

    I'm sorry for the poor quality of my camera. I don't have a digital camera because I use my phone to snap pictures when I'm out. It's just really bad at doing close-ups of fine detail. And before anyone complains: the second Librarian is missing a purity seal on his shoulder pad- that's why there's a huge patch of plastic showing through (no clue where it went...)
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    I would forget about major conversions until your army is up and running, and you know exactly what you are aiming for. I did lots of conversions when i first started an Ork force and the only result was a lot of half finished half painted models vastly inferior to what GW could have sold me.

    CaptainSarathai has all the good advice you need if you really want to go down this path, But is it worth the time, effort and distraction when starting a new army ? I would advise building up a basic straight out the box army to 1500 points, the new plastic kits give you loads of options for individualising your figures, and then spending the time on really interesting projects like this. That will also give you a reasonable bits box of marine components for the conversions.

    Good luck with your marines, pogu59.

    Edit; Just looked on the GW site, there are five or six different Librarians to choose from.
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    If You had the AoBR captain, You can try to cut off the bolter and add on a book instead. But that won`t be an easy job as the bolter basically "part" of the body. So to cover the area where the bolter was cut off You can use a purity seal, or a scroll, a scroll holder thing. For the psychic hood, this model has a nice eagle so, You just add on some thin wires from the eagle to the head.

    For any other model:
    Book, scroll, powerweapon (force weapon for a librarian).

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    No King Rules Forever Dawnrunner's Avatar
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    If you get the Command Squad box in addition to the Captain, there are several pieces in there you can use for your Librarian conversion. There was a great GW article online about converting Command Squads a couple years ago...not sure where it went.

    Anyway, drawing from my memories of that article, I would suggest using the Company Champion's tabard chestpiece to start (the one with the winged shield emblem on the front), as some sort of robe always screams psyker. Avoid using the cape, Librarians are too cool for capes.
    Depending on the type of force weapon you want, you could give him any sort of sword, axe, etc. that you have available. However, you can make a sweet force staff from the Banner-bearer's flagstaff by putting one of the decorative backpack-ornaments on the top, but you might want to shorten the staff slightly--it's up to you.
    For the other arm, any sort of pointing arm is cool, as it seems like he's directing troop movements or using his powers in some way. The Devastator sprue is your friend here: the sergeant has a pointing arm, and the missile launcher guys have a flat-open hand that looks really awesome.
    Most people use a blank shoulder pad for the psychic hood, trimming it so that it looks sort of like Magneto's helmet in X-men. You can just glue it to the back of the collar behind his head. That means you'll have to use a bare head, as the helmeted heads are too big to fit inside the shoulder pad, but Librarians are too cool for helmets too
    Make sure his regular shoulder pads have something cool on them. It depends on the wargear you're giving him, as there are Crux Terminatus shoulder pads and others that represent some sort of wargear. However, the segmented Champion shoulder pads are always cool, and you can glue a parchment tabard/scroll bit to the lower segment as another indicator that he's a librarian.
    Something people always overlook is the backpack. Very effective and awesome conversions can be made with it. I've seen people remove the round vents on either side and replace them with the smaller Chaos dragon-head gun barrels. Not saying you should do this, 'cause it might not fit in with your army backstory or whatever, but it does look cool. You could also use the Captain's backpack with the eagle-head vents as an easier alternative. Be sure to stick a banner on the backpack top, either the Captain's ornate one or the slightly more plain banner from the Champion.

    Hope this helps! Be sure to post pictures!
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