Hey guys,

At the local GW (newbury, UK) we're having a christmas eve party, with special games from the manager -

Fantasy Wrestling
40K extreme beach volleyball
Hobbit snowballing
(I posted a question about the rules for these games in the rules discussion forum).

We already have a nice snow board for the snowballing (and i've been painting 20 hobbits for it!) and someone's little brother has a WWE wrestling ring that we're going to 'borrow' - but obviously no-one had a miniature beach volleyball court! Seeing as everyone was getting excited and buying massive ogre and varghulf models for the wrestling and I had just finished painting a shaggoth and so wasn't really doing anything I volunteered to build the court!

This is my first proper piece of terrain that i've attempted other than messing around with bits on cardboard bases sometimes so go easy :-P


2' by 4' hardboard 1/2 inch thick
Dowel (can't remember the diameter right now) = 2x 9 inch long sections
lots of sand
pva glue
darker yellow paint
lighter yellow paint
white paint
section of netting from christmas tree (any kind of netting would suffice)

Day 1:

procured hardboard and cut to size with powertools.
bought dowel and drilled out extremely tight fitting holes in hardboard - go in with a light touch from a mallet, but are removable.

Tomorrow I will be buying sand, and applying it to the hardboard wih slightly watered down PVA, and then adding another layer a few hours later. I want to ultimately get at least 3 layers down as its supposed to be a beach. I will be updating this thread everyday through to completion - and I'll be taking photos tomorrow as well I'll see if i can nab the rules from the GW manager on the 24th to post here too

questions: What type of sand should i be using tomorrow?
How watered down shoudl the PVA be?
what kind of time do I need to leave it between adding additional layers?
what type of paint should I be using (wall, masonary etc?)
would it be better to paint in the court lines in white, or stake them out in red string like professional ones?

thanks guys!