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    Skyrars Dark Wolves Coloration Advice

    Hello everybody.
    I'm a Chaos Space Marine player that has started a new army and need some advice on coloration.

    Skyrars Dark Wolves are Space Wolf outcasts and I need some colours that reflect their shame, yet a stalking feeling. The Dark Wolves utilise stealth, infiltration and guerilla warfare followed by a devastating shock attack of terminators and close combat specialists.

    I was thinking some really dark grey with rusted steel trim, like tinbitz+boltgun metal+black wash. Some chaos stars would be painted a glowing red (chaos black+scab red+ bloodred+sunburst yellow+skull white), to get a smouldering effect.
    If I can pull it off that is.

    Or is the red going to bright the model up too much? It's supposed to be dark, cruel and brooding. I was thinking green eyes.

    You can see my Project Log for the Dark Wolves here (Skyrars Dark Wolves).
    I've written some quick fluff there too, so you can get an idea of what I'm aiming at.

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    I think the red may be a bit bright as loads of other Chaos Marines use red chaos stars this way. I suggest that you try to paint an area on a shoulder pad a lighter but not too much lighter shade of grey. Then you can paint the Chaos star black. It will be harder to see but that will make them look more subtle and stealthy.

    A lighter colour is always tempting to balance the darker effects. I think that you will need to make sure that the darker effects you use are well done, good highlighting and shading so that they don't end up looking dull. An all dark and brooding army can be very cool if done right.

    Green eyes could be good. You could think about making them more turquoise or aqua-green and add a white dot to the eyes so they glow. This may fit in better with the grey.

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