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    Daemonhost/Daemon Engine

    So I've decided to try and introduce some heritek influence to my traitor guard army, and as some of you may have read, I considered using the rules for Daemonhunters Deamonhosts to represent something far more chaos-y. What I'm shooting for here is some form of possessed machine on the same scale as a terminator, give or take some bulk.

    The fluff and theme of the army is a little steam-punk inspired; basically a fuedal world that was just beginning to crest into an industrial revolution was reclaimed by the Imperium, rejected it, and lead a Lenin/Marxist-style communist rebellion (those of you who care to learn the details can read it here (The Peoples' Republid of Zierheim)).

    So I want to find a model that is appropriately steam-punk or even ramshackle that has room to add some parts to make it look more demonic, or even something that looks like it could be possessed from the get-go, but not something so hideous that the rebels would immediate start to wonder if they joined the wrong side. Bonus points if it looks like some kind of tool or machine they would have used before the rebellion (and if its cheap, but that's usually implied).

    I've been poking around the Privateer Press line and found some interesting possibilities, particularly the Cryx sets, Tomb Maidens, and the Renegade Helljack (I particularly like the last one, since it seems to fit the bill of a working class uprising nicely). I was wondering if any of you out there had any other suggestions for a mechanical daemonhost? It would be most convinient if something could be devised with GW parts.

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    Those models you suggested looked pretty good. Theres loads of models in warmachine that would be appropriate. Heres a few of my ideas if you want to usea games workshop though.

    For a simple but effective conversion, you could take a model from the necron range, and possibly give it a large, concealing cloak, and a humanoid mask.

    From games workshop you could check out the models from the Necromunda Spyrer range. Or alternatively, have a look at 'Krash' in the inquisitor range. I know he's too big, but you could build one on a smaller scale.
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