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    Straken counts as- advice please

    I'm using this chap as a counts-as Col. Straken for my IG army and haven't come up with a good idea for a colour scheme yet.

    My army's scheme is a light khaki cloth with dark blue but I want this guy to stand out a little more. Any ideas?

    (My only current idea at the moment involves scaly green highlighted up to almost white, but I'm not 100% sure.) Check out my ToP WIP in the projects section!

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    I dont know if I can give you an idea, but If I tell you how I work, it might give you an idea.
    My infantry choices (and command squad) are all based around Asurmen blue wash over white for cloth and black armour highlighted with grey (cadian models).
    I spread this across to other choices by choosing (I do this for all my armies, too) a tie in colour.
    For example, my stormtroopers have the blue cloth, but dark red armour with several thinned layers of the GW varnish that comes in a pot.
    This way, when you look at them, they are tied into the bulk of the army, yet distinctively different.
    I have continued this to my veterans, who fulfill specialist rolls. One is a hard hitting multitasking unit, with the black and grey colours on the cloth (and using catachan models) since they have no armour
    The second veteran squad have the Demolitions doctrine, and are modified Tallarn models. The legs are painted the same as the infantry models, but the cloaks they wear are painted to the same effect as my ratlings. (I know this must sounds crazy, but it looks great).
    So to sum up, I dont think it matters wht colours you paint him, as long as he can be tied to the rest of the army in some way.
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