Some of you may have previously seen my Blackhawk Down IG army: I wanted to expand the army by adding a pair of chimeras, but didn't want to break theme. I originally considered the APCs from the relief column, but really wanted to keep the overall ranger theme. I found this tutorial by swampy on The Waaagh humvee style trukk - Da WAAAGH about converting an Ork Trukk to a HMMWV by way of a plasticard template. I liked the idea, but the original was far too Orky and was also the wrong HMMWV variant for the army. With some small tweaks to the template and a liberal dose of IG parts, you have the final result. In order to paint the crew, the top is not currently glued in place and there will be a crossbar in the middle of the windshield. Dimensionally, the model is slightly longer and taller than a Chimera, but also slightly narrower. All of the dimensional changes are within 1/2" of the Chimera and being taller and longer (giving larger side arcs) aren't particular advantages. A side note on the pics, solid black is pretty rough to see detail on so I upped the brightness.