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    termi conversion IDEA

    Hey everyone, I just had a thought about how to convert some termi's to try to make em look a little cooler. In 2 weeks I am going to be getting some assualt termi's for my salamander army. Personally I hate their helmets, and I was thinking, "how cool would it look to have chaos warrior helmets, without the horns and such, instead of their normal heads." I looked into it and I saw someone had already done this, odins grandson on the forum here did it when he made some movie marines. Although it wasn't really a terminator, it was so awesome that I wanted to do it on a termi. I have the helmets but not termis so when I get them I will probably make another thread. Any one have any comments or additional ideas to make them look even more awesome?

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    How about getting grey knight terminator helmets? All you need to do is cut the nose into the same shape as the grey knights more and adding some rocks to make it look as if they are looking over a large area of the battle looks cool. Epescially when they have their claws down beside them looking ready to pounce. You would also paint the chapter symbols over their armour and helmets and adding painted lightning effects to your models.
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    Hey, yeah this idea has been done a fair bit and it looks really good. Just gotta remember one thing when using the warrior helmets on marines. The warrior helmets are really thin compared to normal marine ones so they look very small when just put straight onto a marine torso (or in your case a termi torso. When I used these helmets for an Ultramarines army a few years ago I cut the ear-boxes off normal marine helmets and added them to the side of the warrior helmets. Its a bit of work but it really helps to bring them out to the right size and also makes them more 40k and less fantasy.

    If you're any good with Green Stuff you could simply sculpt a little box to the side of the helmets or even make them out of a small square of thick plasticard. Running wires and pipes out of the side of the helmet also has the same effcet of making the helmet look bigger.

    Good luck
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