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    Cygor Conversion

    From the moment I had my first read of the new Beasts book, I knew I'd be fielding a Cygor pretty regularly. While it isn't the close combat monster that the Ghorgon is, and doesn't have the movement of the Jabbersclythe, it can mess up a magic phase pretty well, and more importantly to me, it's a stone thrower.

    The question became how to convert one. I had a Giant kit, and figured that was a good place to start, but wanted him to be more "Beastish". Green stuff seemed the only answer.

    The first step to was to fix the legs. Beastmen have a hock; that is, the "backwards knee". You can see it in this awesome goat illustration:

    So I wanted my Giant to have one as well. I build it up just below and behind the knee.

    Next was the fur. I wrapped thin bands of green stuff in layers around the Giant's pants. As soon as I had everything covered, I took a hobby knife and just started slashing away, tearing at the green stuff to get little fur strips going. This took a little while, but I think the results were pretty good.

    Finally, I needed to work on the head. I wanted my Cygor to be completely blind, like a monstrous seer completely dependent on the Warp for his vision (and reflected in his awesome Weapon Skill of 2). So I built him a blindfold using a small strip of green stuff, and then used another twisted strip in the back to show where it was tied together.

    Overall, I think it came out well, and I look forward to painting him and stomping magical opponents all over the place. What do you think?

    This article came from my blog, The Quiet Limit of the World, at Give it a visit (and click some ads while you're there!).


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    Nicely done there Tekore! As a devourer of souls, maybe you can illustrate this by applying a few heads to the giant's belly, then "mesh" them in with some green stuff (as if they were trying to "escape" from the Cygor). Maybe a hand or two as well.

    The extra heads on the Chaos Spawn sprue might work well... as they appear to be screaming.

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    Nice conversion. I know practically nothing about the new beastmen units, but I've heard a little about the Cygor. He's a bit of a cheesy, but cool idea.

    Good work on the greenstuff Tekore
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