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Thread: Defiler size.

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    Defiler size.

    Who can point me at some the rules that indicate what size a Defiler model is supposed to be and what counts for base to base contact? Do the legs count for b2b, or just the hull? I had some issues with that in the distant past, where a more extended limb would have put the Defiler in b2b or a less extended limb would have left it out. I hate playing the the rules lawyer game.

    Currently, I run my Defilers in a modified form, mounted on Dreadnought bases and legs.. and that has brought a few questions as well. Since I use the Defiler "head" as a Dread torso and there is still a battle cannon sticking out of it, it's still quite obvious what it is.

    What are the RAW?

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    The Tyranid Hierophant is similar to the Defiler in how the legs work. Rules for the Hierophant I have read (not sure if the rules in Apocalypse mention it) have made a note about base to base contact. Draw and invisible line between the tips of the Defilers legs, from the tip of one leg to the other and this counts as the space it uses up and where models count as touching it. It is also possible to make a base for a Defiler. Get some blank CD's, they are cheap from computer stores. Glue three of them together and it will make something that may be larger enough for the Defiler to be positioned on. You will have to fill in the hole in the center of the CD with putty etc.

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