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Thread: Brimeras

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    Hello all,

    I am writing to you today about Brimeras. Effectively, they are Imperial Guard Chimeras converted to look like Bradleys. Hence, Brimeras. The idea is not my own, but I thought it was really cool and didn't see a how-to on it anywhere, so I'm writing one up now. All credit should go to SandWyrm, as I took the idea from some of his older blogs on his Tallarn website. I could not figure out how to upload the pictures, so I'm just going to be posting links to photobucket. Anyway, here goes.

    You start with a normal Chimera.

    normalchimera.jpg picture by PD364 - Photobucket

    See that big circle where the turret normally goes? Before you glue that part to the bottom hull, I would go underneath that part and cover it with cardboard or plasticard. It'll make future steps easier and I wish I had done that.

    Make a tiny roll with green stuff and let it harden overnight. This you'll be cutting up later to use as rivets. Place them wherever you like. I'm sure all of you know what a roll of green stuff looks like, but I have a picture so I'm going to use it regardless. :p

    greenstuff.jpg picture by PD364 - Photobucket

    The next thing you're going to do is take the upper hull and cut it along two sections. Basically one on either side of the lasgun port that's furthest from the rear door. It should leave you with two sections looking something like the below pictures.

    fronthull.jpg picture by PD364 - Photobucket

    rearhulltop.jpg picture by PD364 - Photobucket

    As you'll see in the first of the two above pictures, the part that protrudes out the front of the top hull should be cut off and a piece of plasticard should be fitted for the gap. If it's not completely exact, don't worry, you can fill it in with green stuff.

    After that, you'll probably want to fill in the lasgun ports. I used cardboard from a box of goldfish crackers to block the bottom of the ports and make them easier to fill with GS. Any kind of cardboard will do. Should look something like this.

    rearhulltopgoldfish.jpg picture by PD364 - Photobucket

    You know those rectangular gaps on the sides of the Chimera where the flat plates go? Fill those gaps with the oil barrels and use the plates for the top hatch and that large hole that you filled up in the beginning. Fill any remaining gaps in the top hatch with plasticard and green stuff. See below for an example.

    chimera_no_turret.jpg picture by PD364 - Photobucket

    Then build the turret like you normally would. I like a bulkier turret on my Brimeras, so I put extra tracks and spare parts on the sides of the turret as below.

    chimera_rear.jpg picture by PD364 - Photobucket

    Once that's done, you should have a finished Brimera looking something like this:

    chimera_top.jpg picture by PD364 - Photobucket

    Hope you find this guide helpful. I love this look over the standard Chimera and I encourage you to try this conversion.

    Last edited by Captain_Mason; March 11th, 2010 at 17:39. Reason: changed the links for pictures

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