So I've been wanting for the longest time to sink my teeth into some Chaos-based modeling for my Traitor Guard, and for an equally long time this had been sitting up on the shelf at my local gaming store:

I did a little research, and decided that the torso and middle portion of the tank would make a nice Soul Grinder/Defiler. The owner then suggested I use the shovels as the model's 'hands. I got the thing all assembled and painted up, and came up with Red Belly:

He is built for the most part just like the old Hildolfer model he came from with a couple of exceptions. The pieces that made up the head had to be trimmed to split them apart like a maw. The interior of the mouth and the tongue are made from ProCreate, and the teeth were carefully cut and painted from round toothpicks. I was going for the look of a piece of construction equipment that was possessed by a barely contained demon. I'm still trying to decide what parts to use for additional guns should I decide to field him as a Defiler.

Now, if you'll excuse me, Red Belly needs to help me put together a StormLord.

Put down the Quake Cannon, Red Belly. I said I wanted a Stormlord!

BTW: Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do with the rest of the kit? I'm seriously considering getting two more so I can field a formation of these guys, but at 80 USD a pop I'd like to eek out more than one model per kit.