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    need painting advice/opinions/help

    so ive been thinking of some alternative paint schemes for the new sanguinary guard. im not a huge fan of the golden boy look, but i love the models.

    my latest idea is to paint them as stone. they have the look of angelic statues, so paint them like a cemetery come to life. maybe the blood drops or something to signify the red thirst awakening them.

    anyway, im looking for advice on how to do it and make it look realistic.
    i dont want them to look like they are unfinished, which is what im afraid of. i want people to look at them and be able to tell what i was going for. just some random grey scale wont cut it i think.

    heres some examples

    this is the closest thing i could find. they are clearly statues when looking at them. the DA look like metal statues though, and im not that huge a fan of the marble effect in the sister.

    i dont think i want to try the marble look, maybe just a weathered white statue like, what youd typically see in a big cemetery.

    if anyone has any examples or ideas on how to do it id appreciate it.

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    I'm with you on not trying the marble. That would be tough to do without making it look like a zebra or something.

    No matter WHAT you do, I think the illusion demands they be on scenic bases. One of the things that makes both the above examples work is that each is standing on something painted to look as though it were made out of the exact same material.

    My other concern is, the top example, while stunning, doesn't look like a free-moving model that's made out of marble. It just looks like a statue. An army of those would look like the opponent was under attack by the terrain.

    I'd suggest you pose the models in such a way to suggest they are "coming to life." Perhaps have them stepping off the platform, leaving large footprints behind where they were standing, something like that.

    As to colors, the "weathered white" could be done similarly to the Deathwing terminators. Do some Google-Fu and you'll find a TON of guides. Those will look more bone-colored than the white alabaster, though. You could try the classic Space Marine veteran helmet/apothecary look, which is basically shadow gray with space wolves gray, built up to white. For a quick-and-dirty method, spray white undercoat, then wash with shadow gray, clean it up with SW gray or white, and finish with white. For a more complex, but probably better-looking recipe, check out Minus-T's guide to white power armour in the tutorials section here on LO.

    Once you've done that, you could do a series of directed washes with a variety of greens and browns to simulate lichen, patina, or other years of weathering taking its toll. Use real pictures of cemetery statues for inspiration.

    Good luck!
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