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    Bare arms and giant books

    Hi there guys. In need of alittle help here.
    I have a very distinct idea of how i want my CSM lord and sorcerer should look. How im gonna get them from how i imagine them to model form is a different thing.

    My lord i want in termi armor but with bare arms. What arms are large enough for this without looking silly?
    His weapon is also giving me another problem. I like the idea of giving him like a dwarven sorta book of grudges that he carves the name of his and the gods enimes into but also using it as a weapon. Like a giant ceramite tome laced in power used like a flail but in game terms treated like a thunder hammer.
    This in its self has caused me to scratch my head afew times. What chain size is suitable to the warhammer scale and where the god or how the god am i gonna make/get a huge book weapon thingy.

    Now i see how much i've rambled on about my lord i might just leave my sorcerer for today XD

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    well, you could always sculpt the arms and scratch build the book and chain.

    But if you want to use part - the Catachan arms are fairly big, so you could use those. if they are too small, you can get some Ork arms (especially once you go to Nob size or Black Ork size in Fantasy).

    As for books - you can get the arcane books from the scenery bits packs.

    For Chains I like to use the ones from Reaper.
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