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Thread: Magnet sizes

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    Senior Member Catachan Devil's Avatar
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    Magnet sizes

    Hello, I will soon be starting a massive project that will include all kinds of magnetized models. I, however, have never seen one of these magnets outside of a package.
    Anyways, I was wondering what sizes would be appropriate for various models.
    I will be magnetizing some Marine Razorbacks, a decent amount of Marines, Dreadnoughts, Tyranid Warriors, and Tau Crisis Suits.
    Is anyone able to inform me of the proper sizes of magnets for each of the models?

    Also, if anyone has a preferred website to procure such items, that would be very helpful as well (at the moment, I'm looking at K&J Magnetics).

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    Senior Member Darguth's Avatar
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    Subscribing to this thread, I'm looking to magnetize together weapon mountings for a Valkyrie/Vendetta Gunship and I have no idea what size magnets to get.

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    Member Dave the Barbarian's Avatar
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    I've gotten quite a bit from K&J Magnetics, and they've worked out really well for me - plus they're on the cheap!

    For all infantry guns, you're going to need 1/16" x 1/32" discs. They're tiny! But anything bigger, and it won't fit in the hand, or gun. You can grab 100 of those, and have more than enough for a whole Marine army.

    You really can use these for lots of other things, too, though. Put a couple in the corners on Rhino doors/hatches to keep them closed - a handy project if you're making any swappable Preds, Razorbacks, or Whirlwinds to Rhinos.

    I've used 1/8" x 1/16" for Dread arms - again, any bigger, and they won't fit. You might want to grab some 1/8" x 1/32" for areas you can't drill as deep. These are probably what you'd need for swappable arms on the Warriors or Marines, too. I haven't done it yet, but they would fit nicely into shoulders (or necks for swappable heads).

    For a Valk, you're probably still safe with 1/8". Go 1/4" if you've got some big guns you need to attach. Just measure the area the magnet would be to make sure.

    Oh, and don't forget drill bits to match. A 1/16" bit will be your best friend.

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