My terrain bone was tickling me, so I decided to itch it and came up with two ideas.
Having recently acquired two large sheets of foamboard, I went ahead and came up with a big ol' scary tower that started out being a simple apartment building for 40K in the planning phase, before going over to being a belltower for FB in the cutting-myself-in-the-fingers phase then turning out to actually be a long rectangular building.
It hit me then that I still have the cool pictures from the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer in the same size as they are in the Primer, so I went ahead and stuck them on. Wahey! It fits! A building is born!

Oh, and there's a slapdash platform to go onto a branch I acquired a while back.,

I am still looking to improve on the design of the shrine. Possibly going to add the thingies that came with the Baneblade, the ones that go around the turret cupola. Might even add some lasguns over the door and a few helmets to symbolize the fallen Guardsmen. Ideas?