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    TWC and Fenrisian wolves ideas.

    Would it be reasonable to convert Goblin Wolf Riders as TWC or Fenrisian wolves?

    I'm just trying to gather ideas together.

    Also thinking about getting this, this, or this for test models, but I don't even think they would be convertible due to not being made of resin. Would I be right? Or are there ways around this? I'm not familiar enough to really know.

    What are the exact sizes of the different cavalry/beasts bases?

    Any suggestions on what people generally use or is just a free-for-all on what they like best/cheapest? I see that people use the Warhounds of Chaos...maybe I should go/put this in the modeling section...yeah.

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    for TWC, the wolf riders are far to small. they're quit fit to be fenrisian wolves though, but i think chaos warhounds look better if you do not put those spikes on them. i've also seen people converting blood hounds to make them fenrisian wolves for a 13th company army, but i think that's to much work for the cheap models.
    i've used bikes to make the TWC, and i think that works well with some space wolves bits. i've also seen people using chaos knights for their TWC, it looks quite cool, but it's a little strange to see a space marine ride a horse.

    hope i've helped you a little

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