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    Basing Buildings

    I bought a couple of the Warhammer 40k building kits, and I decided to base them on hardboard. Rule-wise, I want to treat the entire base as difficult terrain that grants 4+ cover. Once I actually base the buildings though, I realized that they look really bare. I have a bunch of thick pink foam that I could use for rocks, but I can't seem to cut it to match rubble very well. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I could use to re-create building rubble on the building bases? Any other ideas on how I could fill the bases to justify the 4+ cover save?

    As a side note, the overall theme of the city is that it was an Imperial world slowly corrupted by Nurgle worshippers. Eventually, they empowered Nurgle with their sacrifices and strenghtened the warp enough to rip open a rift which let loose with plagues and pestilences. A zombie apocolypse overtook the planet. That, combined with the numerous attempts of local Space Marine and Imperial Guard forces has decimated the planet.

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    Cut up plastic sprue makes good small bits, mix that with some of your foam would look good.
    How about cutting the pink foam so its the same thickness of your walls and then make small chunks as rubble?

    Bugbait out

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