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    Need help, Defiler arm magnetization ideas.

    Ok, so i'm fairly new to conversion work and i just bought my first defiler and i was hoping to magnetize the Chassis' CCW's, the body to the chassis and the weapons for mobility and customization purposes. The chassis to the body will be simple and i can ratify the fact that the body is hollow with a some circles of plasticard or something so the arms can be magnetized. but the arms pose problems.

    The defiler's legs all come with ball and socket joints and fit snugly with no gluing required but i have foung that the CCW's sockets are far to loose and won't hold a position at all. a friend reccomended magnetizing them with a magnet in the center of the socket and one in the ball, but that only allows for very limited movement due to the poles on the magnets, (he is supplying me with some 1/8 inch ones that he uses for weapon swapping on SM's and dreadnaughts. O and he recently built a furioso dread with wings and a force weapon that looks AWESOME!, but thats off topic).<-- that was long, sorry. My other idea for the CCW is putting a magnet in the socket and finding some small metal, iron or nickel so its will stick to the magnet obviously, ball that i can insert into the center of ther CCW's ball so it will rotate freely, but i dont know if that will be strong enough to hold up the large claw arm, or for that matter, where i could find such a ball. O and my friend also has some 1/4 inch magnets that he doesnt use that he could give me if those might work better.

    That was a long post but my question is, obviously, how i can get this to work. I have my ideas but im open to new ones if anyone has done this before or has a good plan about how to make the arms free moving but still be able to stay in one place that will work better/be easier to do than my plans id really like to hear it, as i said, im new to conversion work and would appreciate any advice/input that you have.

    Also, its completely unrelated but im already making a thread so i might as well ask, i'm currently expanding my army and will be buying a daemon prince in the near future but i don't really like that model, however, i do like the Chaos Fantasy model Be'Lakor, The Dark Master and was hoping to use him instead but the problem is, their description doesn't mention his size so i was wondering if anyone knows if he is big enough to use in this fashion (already have a base for him to replace the square one if he is large enough).

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    That is a tricky problem, and one I've been thinking about given my Defilers' (got two) close combat arms tend to fall out of their sockets when I play - I left one unglued in particular on my first Defiler for posing purposes, but that's the most trouble.

    The most elegant solution would be to find some thin, pliable magnetic metal sheet, and shape it into the socket. Add a magnet or two into the ball of the arm, and it could slide around in the socket. This is probably not something one just has sitting around the house, though.

    Another option might be to place a few magnets within the socket, and then again, a couple on the arm ball. This would give you a few positions for the arm, but not full motion. Rare earth magnets are rather strong if you've got the right size for the pieces, so that should work out.

    A third interesting option would be to replace the arm ball with a same-sized magnetic ball. This would perhaps be the trickiest thing to locate, but it'd work really well. There's a lot of magnetic toys out there that use this concept.

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