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    festus and blue scribes

    im starting chaos warriors/chaos dwarves *w/ chaos daemons ive already made a 3k list 4 it so here it is

    valkia=i know how to convert her shes gonna be part living saint and part dark elf supreme sorcereous and some chaos knights and some brass etched sybols of khorne off forge world

    festus=dont know how to convert looking for a decent model 4 it
    blue scribes= dont know how to convert looking for something that fits it
    2x heralds of nurgle=a troll with bone on a 25mm square base
    exalted (dwarf) hero=awesome model of avatars of war for this

    40x chaos warriors/dwarves=there is a good bunch of models for alot cheaper than a gw dwarf + i would have to buy chaos bits aswell

    36x chosen= another thing might just be same models as the warriors above but with great weps and tenticals and stuff like tht

    warshrine=a stegadon with a vat of bile and some one drinking it
    hell cannon= a hell cannon

    ok im not very good at green stuffing and im trying to make a model to convert to a festus and blue scribes these are the only 2 things i dont know how to convert
    any advice would be helpful

    *new rules you can team up with another army
    ** new rules ure aloud 25% of heroes
    ***you only need 25% of core so u can have one big unit
    my tactic is my 2 heralds are lvl 1 wizards and take the number one spell from the daemon lore of nurgle makeing you ws s t i a down to 1 and festus can cast curse of the lepper so all enemy models in base contact of my hearalds will be slain and then the rest of tht unit will toughness 1 but if the front rank where touched by my heralds they would all die right cause there t 1 thnks to the daemon spells and -1 thanks to curse of the lepper
    ohh i forgot to mention for those who dont know the new rules the max dice to cast a spell is 6 and then u plus your magic lvl onnto it so say you where lvl 4 had something tht gives you +2 to casting so if something was a 6+ to cast its automaticly cast

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    Bascically, blue scribes are just mounted Horrors with a bunch of boooks.

    so... this plus this plus this equals pretty simple blue scribes. If you want, you could put the books (or the scribes aswell) on one of these and have the screamers draw the disk. Some easy GSing wouldn't do you wrong as far as texture goes on the flying disk. I'm not really sure who or what festus is, so I can't really help you there.

    <----- Dead Dude's WIP Thread, in all it's pant wetting glory! :D

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    Sounds pretty cool, Dead Dude pretty much covered the blue scribes, for Festus it would be a bit trickier...

    Looking at Festus' artwork you could probably use something like a empire flagellant as a base, although alot of greenstuff would be required for making his face and stomach bloated with decay..

    Im not sure what you mean by, and i quote, "2x heralds of nurgle=a troll with bone on a 25mm square base". Does that mean you will use a troll model for each herald of nurgle? And how will you fit the model on a single 25mm base? They are pretty big blokes.

    Also with this rule you can use two different armies in the same force, can you expand on that? Is there a limit to which armies can ally? Is there a minimum point requirment? And is there a limit to how many different armys you can use in the same force?

    Hope that helps.

    Spladge P
    Sometimes the best defense is a good offense... Wait, what?


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