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    Anybody work with oils?

    Hi all:

    Looking to pick the brains of you advanced painters out there. I hear a lot of people talking about oil-based paints instead of, or in addition to traditional acrylics on minis. Most often, I hear they use them to wash vehicles basecoated in Tamiya paints to avoid the "beading" caused by acrylic washes.

    Specifically, I'm curious about the difference between linseed oils (water-soluble) and traditional oils. I know you purists out there would prefer we work with the "regular" oils, but some of us would rather not work with turpentine or mineral spirits, since those chemicals do not clean up easily. What's the trouble with linseed oil-based paints? Has anyone tried using these? What about as a wash over, say, Tamiya spray paints? Will I have the same "beading" problem one gets with an acrylic paint wash?

    Also, does anyone know any good guides out there for using oils on minis? I tried Google, but all I get are oil on canvas guides. I've tried using linseed-based oils to wet-blend a glow effect on a spear tip. It looks good, but VERY thick. I'd love to know how to make it look smoother, especially if you don't thin it, which I'm told you're not supposed to do.

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    I've used both for traditional and some limited mini painting. I like water based, just make sure it's a good brand like Windsor&Newton. The only real difference is the water based can be a little grainy when thinned while oil will stay very smooth. I have no qualms with thinning down water based. They work great for washes and don't dry with much of an outline. Not as smooth as GW washes, but better than inks or paint. You can thin them out for normal painting as well, it just doesn't work as well as normal oils.

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