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    Must have basing supplies?

    Right now I am only using some ballast I found at hobby lobby, sand, and some static grass that is roughly 5ins long that I have to cut to size (which makes a mess!) What would you guys say is a list of must have basing materials that I should have on hand at all times? I am trying to build up my range of supplies and would like a list of the your most used materials.

    I will be making an order from thewarstore, so product recommendations from there would be great.

    Thanks guys!

    Princept Milligan of the Legio Tempestus

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    Im yet to buy any basing material, I have a colection of plastic containers that have varoius grades of sand/gravel that I have found from various beaches/side of the road, I do have some long grass (40mm) from Woodland scenics that doesnt get used enough.

    Bugbait out

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    i have to admit, Bug's right.
    I have tons of little plastic 8.00 tins of different shades of static grass and flocking, but it sits in the drawer and rarely gets used.

    Most of my rocks and debris i use on basing , is from going over to my friend's house and digging into his kid's sandbox.
    the artificial rocky sand has plenty of varying sizes to keep me happy for years. (you can also go buy big bags of the sand at hardware stores with a gardening center in them)
    All my currently used flocking is a secret i'll share with you...


    big bags of the stuff come from a local cabinet making company!
    it's free
    it's never used by them, and they're happy to give it away.
    grab three or four bottle of green you want to make flocking for,
    grab a clear pyrex baking dish,
    spread out the sawdust along the bottom of the dish,
    25/750 paint to water ratio...
    soak the sawdust until you see no more brown, all the paint has been absorbed..
    turn over on to the lowest setting above (warm) somewhere around 125 degrees F
    10 mins in the oven,
    pull out, mix around..let out for 5 mins to cool
    another 10 in the oven..
    rinse and repeat until all water and sawdust is dry.
    INSTANT colored flock.

    You can find good articles about how people make their own flock.

    for rocks.. i don't spend 12.00USD on greenstuff, making and scultping rocks for bases..i use..ROCKS.
    go out back..kick around in the backyard..find rock! Done!

    But to answer one of your questions...What basing materials you should have at all times?
    GLUE. PVA, Elmers, WOOD glue, Super glue. this is a constant. it'll take time finding the right glue for the right job, but in the end, it'll be one thing you WILL need to stock up on.

    Old paintbrushes.. big drybrush tank brush-sized brushes. the older the better. these you can use to turn a nice pretty perfectly painted ruins, into a dirty, worn and realistic looking ruin of a building.

    Knives. Sharper the better. Xacto or box cutters or whatever you need to cut nice, crisp clean lines in foam or cardboard or plasticard. keep extra handy.

    Card. stock...board....whatever. I have used multiple layers of cardstock to make the layers you see in official GW IMperial buildings.
    grab a notepad. flip it over. see the carboard/stock backing? that's what I use. (Best thickness to use? Go to an office supply store. Find those big desktop calendars people write appointments on? When they're done with them.. the back of a big square of card. I used to work in an office, and would take them every janruary when everyone switched to a new year calendar.!

    Plasticard. great medium for building scenery. It can make a good piece better. People relace this with cardboard or even cereal boxes . It doesn't matter what you use, as long as you are happy with the end piece.

    You feel the NEED to buy "official" scenery making supplies... you can find some good links at the top of the forum, but it's up to you.

    i'd rather spend my money on more minis, or even more unique pieces to use on scenery.
    Sho: out.

    Rome wasn't built in a day, Either should good scenery.

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