I'm working on 3 ork modeling projects that I'd like advice on.

First off, my dred mob. I'd like have 3 for the Apoc formation. I have 2 completed. For the third dred, I want it to have the Force Field upgrade, but instead of using a standard forcefield, I'd like to use "exhaust pipe(s)" of some sort and have it count as a ff but using exhaust cloud, like warbikers use. So I need to model a dred with huge pipe(s) of exhaust coming from it. Ideas?

Second, I'm modeling a unit of Nobz as primitive or feral nobz, snakebitey but not affiliated with that clan. Currently I've created a unit with Ogre bull weapons as hand weapons, lightly armored, and using all heads with no helmets. Then I took a glyph from the fantasy boy shields and gave them all matching glyphs on their backs where bosspoles would be. Because they're feral, I'd like to not use a traditional painboy. Instead, I'd like to utilize an ork shaman to count as a painboy- the idea is that he uses his waaagh energy to strengthen the nobz and give them protectyness (through their magical runes). I'd like the shaman to have a matching glyph on his staff. Any ideas on modeling or painting the glyphs to make them look more protecty?

Finally, I want all the nobz to ride in a trukk or battlewagon pulled by boars. I already have several boar-based units (mounted boar nobz and boar rokkit buggies). I want the trukk to be bigger than the standard ork chariot to account for the nobz and differentiate from my rokkit buggy conversions from chariots. I'm thinking of using a pack of the new boars to pull the chariot, but am also considering the big boar beast from WHFB beastmen. Looking for ideas for the chariot cart and boars pulling it.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks!