I have a few sprues of Warriors of Chaos left over from other conversion attempts, so after accidentally stumbling over the Norse fluff from FB and some awesome art I decided to convert my own.

These guys seem like the hardest to convert. The standard model is bulky as sin, but sculpting everything would be a nightmare. Instead I just took inspiration from the mounted champ's helmet, and decided to try and show his man-pretty side. He still needs hair, so look forward to that.

Usually the second easiest to convert, I just need to add the usual runes, skulls, and maybe the occasional axe. All three tasks complete, though it is hard to see the Khorne symbol scratched out of his right thigh plate.

Definitely the easiest of the gods to convert. Just need to scratch things up then add pus and goo. As of now it looks rather bland, but I plan on having him drag a flail behind him, digging up the earth along the way. I'm also a sucker for drilling out helmets and adding faces, but I strongly not doing that. Even with a dremel tool it still takes forever to get the thing to fit.

Still no idea what to do with this model to make it stand out. The only thing I can think of is adding swirls and runes to the armor. Any suggestions from the great people at LO?

I'm also making 4 unique shields for god to strap to their back. I don't want to post any pictures yet because my early sculpting is awful.