This is my last year being able to enter Demon Initiate/Young Bloods, and after being disappointed last year I really want to leave with a prize of some kind. I've gotta finish painting by tomorrow, because my family are going on holidays, and I haven't been able to get back a couple of my models that I was planning on entering.


So I want to get this model done as well as can. He's a Witch Hunter Inquisitor, and he's missing some freehand and a couple things I haven't yet picked up on. Here are some pictures of him.

(you can't see it very well in the photos but there is a freehand inquisition symbol on his shoulder)


I want some freehand on the front right of the blue robe. I was thinking about some vine leaf designs and french curve style designs. I tried out some designs on paper-


Any help with the design and crits/comments about the model itself, please, it would be much appreciated.


NOTE: There are a couple spots I've changed/fixed since I took the pics. Thanks!