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    Need some help converting Abaddon!

    Hi folks.

    Been looking at getting Abaddon the Despoiler for my Black Legion army, but as many of you probably know, he looks a little weedy when placed next to the new Chaos Terminators and Terminator Lord! So, like many others I feel like converting him but not really sure where to begin.

    Since I already have the Terminator Lord (with dramatic pose on the base!) I figured I don't want to have a "copy and paste" of another Terminator Lord on the same base style. So, since I want to get some Chaos Terminators already I figured I'd start by making the Terminator Champion into Abaddon and use the 4 remaining ones as a bodyguard unit. Also, I could easily use Terminator Lord as a normal Terminator Champion if I just want Abaddon as my HQ on his own.

    So, would it just be a straight forward weapon (sword and lightning claw) swap or using a new lightning claw with bolter on it? Seen people use a plastic lightning claw with bolter attached but doesn't explain where the bolter was from etc. Basically, the simpler it is to do the better (I'm not too great at stuff like this!).

    In short, my plans are:

    • Get Chaos Terminator boxset and Abaddon model
    • Swap the metal weapons from Abaddons arms to the Terminator Champion
    • Use 4 remaining Terminators as body guards
    Thanks for any tips you can give!

    EDIT: I have bought some parts off Model Bits website for a single Terminator to make into a new Abaddon. Since I have spare lightning claw and power weapon from Terminator Lord it should still be straight forward to convert (+/- green stuff and pinning)! Extra Terminators will come later hopefully but still want to convert Abaddon!

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    Abaddons armor is highly ornate and the weapons themselves as well.I am trying to convert a Belial myself and i am trying the same aproach as you(terminators and convert the sergeant),Though at a diffirent level.I have sought out bits and pieces to decorate the armor as more as i can.
    Anyways be sure to do this things on the model:His top knot,mount the storm bolter on his wrist and make his sword more chaosy.
    Praise be to the Emperor!!

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