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    Idea: Chaos Demons as Japanese Demons

    Just wanted to run this idea past some people and see if there is anyway to improve it. While I'am happy with my Fantasy army from an in game perspective, I would like my 40k to be somewhat different and striking in modelling/painting terms.

    So my idea is Chaos Demons as Japanese Demons, because I think it would offer a lot of fun conversion opportunities and look very different on the tabletop. Here's how I would do it, please feel free to make any suggestions or comments.

    Fateweaver as a Kappa
    Modelling idea is to start with a Slaan. Dig a portion of the head out and replace it with water effects. The Skink would be taken off the Throne, as would all the spikes and the banner.

    The glyphs, vines etc. on the Throne would be shaved down and probably replaced with scroll work or Japanese writing. The base would be done with water effects and probably a lilypad for flavor.

    The Masque as a Yaksha
    Basically just use the Drycha model, pretty fine with her as is. If anyone knows of better Dryad minis from smaller companies, I'm all eyes. Haven't found one yet and something just seems "Not good enough" about the Drycha model.

    Bloodcrushers as Oni
    Original idea sparking unit, as I was looking for ways to save money over the actual Crusher kit. The baseline would be Ogre Bulls, as they're large and have banded clubs, which is perfect.

    Gutplates would have the Ogre symbols shaved off and replaced with Japanese characters and probably some tattoos as well. The skull off the banner would be replaced with a banner that has the character for Oni on it. I may bitz order the specific heads I want, as some don't look quite right.

    Fiends as Yaksha
    Two Dryad models on a 40mm base, to represent why it has so many attacks. No real conversions needed, I'd like to have them painted as cherry blossoms though.

    Horrors as Amano-jaku
    Plan to use the Horror models but just paint them blue and not pink. The Tzeentech banner and instrument would be replaced with banners that had Japanese characters.

    Screamers as Onryo
    Demonettes with smaller wings from Harpies or a similar kit. The models fit the description of the demon so not much need to be done. Probably a white skinned paint job and a grave stylized base.

    Those are all the units I intend to use for my army, took awhile to research all the various types of Japanese Demons but I'm extremely far from an expert. If anyone is more knowledgeable about that culture or has a way to make the army better/tie it together more, post! :]

    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
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    maybe you could make one of the bird head tzeentch guys as a tengu? For an alternate dryad model i have one from reaper mini's in my tree spirit army it looks very good imo. Sounds like a very cool idea over all, would love to see some pics once your done.

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