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    Need color/painting advice for my new eldar!

    Hey everyone,

    I just got back into the hobby (friends started playing again), and I decided to start a small, 1000 point army of Eldar to break up the Black Templars running in and killing =P. When I wondered what to paint my eldar the first paint scheme that came to mind was the Menaan craftworld scheme from DoW. The colors chosen have a similar feel to Wood Elves (favorite Fantasy Army), and still looks different. What I thought for colors to use is:

    Helmet/Gun: 2 parts Blazing Orange/1 part Golden Yellow
    Armor (Torso,Legs,Arms): Kommando Khaki
    Etc. (gems, manes, helmet eyes): Rotting Flesh
    Recesses are a Scab Red/Red Gore color (not sure if I'm gonna do this)

    What I want to ask all of you is:

    1. If you are familiar with the color scheme, did I get the colors right?
    2. What undercoat colors I should use?
    3. Prime black or white (white I think)?
    4. Should I try painting the recesses or use an ink/wash?

    For the purposes of trying to imagine these colors on an eldar model, try imagining it on a Dire Avenger (what I used).

    Thanks for reading!
    Brother Mike

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    I'm not familiar with the video game scheme, but I'd suggest doing a test model to see how it looks. I'm afraid the Rotting flesh may be too close in hue to the khaki, and you will have to work hard to make the model 'pop'. In regards to your other questions, I'd absolutely primer white (given your light palette) and use washes for the recesses. Both will save you time, effort, and anguish, lol.

    A related scheme that is still in keeping with WE might be a similar orange helmet to what you describe, a darker hued bodysuit (Vermin Fur or something close), and brighter green mane (snot greet, etc). Again, hard to say without a test model.
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