I have never, EVER built anything like this before. I've never done any hobby-like things before, for that matter, because my hands are huge and they have a tendency to shake a bit, so I've managed to convince myself that I wouldn't be good at it. But I've always been interested in GW stuff, so the other week, I got real drunk, staggered down to my local GW store, and plunked down for some BFG equipment. (Not a true story, but it's marginally more exciting than the truth)

Naturally, me being me, I picked the most ridiculously difficult-to-build models that GW makes. (probably not true, but it looks that way from here)

As I sit here, staring at the disparate pieces of one of my Eclipse cruisers, I find myself wondering how the HECK I am going to get those wings to stick to the fuselage. I'm thinking about everything from liquid solder to drilling holes to use piano wire as a pin. Can anyone offer any bright ideas? I'd appreciate it. Thanks!