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    DA El Jonson Primarch

    I've been working on creating a El Jonson Primarch, Primarch of the Dark Angels for almost a week now and all three atempts have been unsuccessful. I was wanting to know if anyone might know how to make a good convertion so that I can get someone that looks really close to being El Jonson for an appocolys game coming up soon in my town's tornement. I'll list my supplies and attempts down below. I tried to upload photos but I was unsuccessful in that aswell.

    Dark Angel Company Master
    Dark Angel Chapter Master
    Commander Pack (Master of recruitment, of the armory, etc)
    Bitz left over from tactical squads and convertion packs

    1. irst tried with a company master and used the Chapter master's backpack minus the banner, a space wolf head with long hair, and a little bit of clay to remorld the front of the armor - result - looked like someone passed him through their colon

    2. Took the body and legs of a tactical SM then gave him the sword arm of the Master of the Armory then cut up Mephiston's sword so it looked like he was driving it into the ground, used some putty to smooth out armor and cover noticable flaws - result - same as #1

    3. Pretty much as senerio #2. Only difference was that I used the body of a Master of the Armory body and the sword of the Chapter Master.

    Please Note - that the head on all three models stayed the same but the head had only relatibly short hair that was cropped off at the bottom of the neck.
    - The bases were constantly the same in order to provide adiquit simularities on which to base the model's size and composition off of
    - further notes I can not think of at the moment

    If anyone could give me some pointers are perhaps some instruction on how to use what bits I have left or something to make my primarch i would be greatly appriciative. Thank Again

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    Bear in mind the primarchs were as much larger than astartes as the astartes are to a normal human - i.e. at least a head taller, if not more.
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