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    Really having a hard time deciding...

    I like the look of the Eldar. But I really want a good strong army, and am thinking of IG.

    If I go IG, I do not want an army full of just Tanks, and want some foot soldiers. Are foot soldiers even viable in an IG army anymore? Or do people just prefer overwhelming people with the tanks?

    Again, the only reason I would want Eldar is because they look sweet and have a lot of potential for painting. Still think they need a good codex to make them stronger.

    So what would you choose? Eldar or IG, and why? Seriously, I need advise here.

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    personaly i would pick eldar
    they have so many diffrent troop types
    cannot comment on the state of IG as i have never played them or against them
    i havnt realy played much of 40k so im not up to date on the rules
    i still have a small eldar force that ive had since 95 and am tempted to give it a go again

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    I collect both eldar and ig. There is no doubt that ig are the most powerful and easy to build and play. However eldar can still ne very powerful you just have to be.smarter in list building and in game.

    If you like the eldar models I would go for them for me the models has always been important in choosing an army as you will be spending a lot of time and money on them.

    It is possible to have an ig army with foot troops but most if not all will be in transports, but you will Lilly be the same with eldar as its the way of 5th ed.
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    I Expect the Inquisition RecklessFable's Avatar
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    Well, I'm an IG player, exclusively these days. Actually, I play every army except Necrons, but I own and paint exclusively Guard...

    That being said, I find Guard to actually be the better army for both playing and painting for diversity. Eldar models are beautiful, but the infantry is all variations on the same armor (with silly helmets). It is their vehicles that have the cool surfaces for freehand work and such.

    Remember with Guard you can do anything from generic Cadians to Chaos Vostroyans. There is a good case for Hybrid Mech as a competitive army at higher points totals, I can't make it work for 1000 though...

    How much do you want to paint? I threw together a Hybrid Guard list (non-tuned) for 2000 points and it has:
    5 Chimeras, 2 Valks, 1 Hellhound, 3 Heavies (Russes, Medusas, whatever)
    40 infantry ride in Chimeras
    12 infantry Ride in the Valks (so they are pretty much guaranteed to end up on foot since they are two SWSs with demo charges)
    31 start on foot
    Total of 83 dudes to paint. Since some are vets, they can be totally different than the 40 in the platoon or the poor slobs with the demo charges in the Vendettas.

    I probably miscalculated a little, but you get the idea...
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