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Thread: Rhino Idea

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    Rhino Idea

    I've been part building my Rhino chassis with the intention of magnetising the roof and top hatches so that I can switch between each hull being a Rhino or a Razorback depending on what I wanted to field for that game.

    I had already got my hands on enough spare Razorback sprues that I have both a Lascannon and a Heavy Bolter turret for each chassis, but looking at a dry built Razorback I had an idea for my Rhinos.

    Larger picture here.

    A Rhino only had one firing port, so why not have this as a single hardened hatch at the back rather than the big doors the miniature currently has.

    In the picture above I used a 2p piece to support the hatch, but for the actual thing I could build something similar to the razorback turret base out of plasticard.

    If I cut a hole in this base to make sure the hatch can sit in like it does above the drivers compartment, I would be able to switch these around freely.

    SO what do you reckon? A good idea, or does it just not look right to you?

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    I did this once but i think it was more of a predator, cant remember as its been a while since i got my DA case out..
    Easiest solution i found was to not glue the top hatch into the brackets.. and if u have more of the hatches lying around make a normal rhino one (flat) and a razorback one (with the gun) and they just pop in and are easily interchangeable..

    Hope this helps and makes sense to you x
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