Help me decide the rest of the color scheme for my IG army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Help me decide the rest of the color scheme for my IG army

    So here is my IG so far I am currently painting the infantry and I am having a hard time deciding how to paint the vest and the helmet. I would love some input.

    I am using catachn arms on these guys but have not attached the arms yet. Doing it assembly line style painting and I am to painting the vest and helmet just havent come up with a scheme I am happy with.

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    Time to wheel out this article I suspect. Take note (it's all true).

    The Colour Wheel

    Using a colour wheel can help you decide which colours go together.

    The primary colours are red, blue and yellow (you cannot make these colours by mixing other colours together).

    Secondary colours are made by mixing 2 primary colours,
    e.g. red + blue = purple, yellow + blue = green, red + yellow = orange.
    Therefore these colours go well together.

    Colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel work well, especially when you play around with the shades used. These colours will go together and "merge" to provide a general "feel" to the piece.

    Colour triads are colours taken from 3 points on the colour wheel (as if an equilateral triangle were placed on the wheel and the 3 points are the colours that go well together)

    Complementary colours are colours that are opposite each other in the colour wheel. These will give vivid colour combinations, good to use if you want something to stand out (ie contrasts - DON'T overdo it, as if you do this results in the piece looking "Crowded" or "busy").

    The Meaning of Colour
    Colours mean different things to different people and cultures.
    Here are some general positive associations (these are not set in stone as different people and cultures associate colours in different ways):
    Red - motivation, power, prosperity, love
    Blue - trust, sincerity, calming, wisdom, confidence
    Green - life, growth, health, prosperity
    Orange - vigour, intelligence, creative
    Black - dignity
    White - purity, peaceful
    Yellow - energy, warmth, happiness, logical
    Purple - creative, wisdom
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